A key outcome for the workshop will be a new edited book on co-creative AI, the basis of which we will develop during the workshop. We are working on an initial proposal for the book but modifications will be made according to the discussions that will take place during the workshop.

Working title: The Practice and Philosophy of Co-creative AI

Edited by Maria Teresa Llano, Jon McCormack and Nina Rajcic
A book on a table outdoors

‘The Practice and Philosophy of Co-Creative-AI’ introduces new theories and ideas on the relationship between humans and machines in an era where developments in AI are advancing at a seemingly exponential rate. This interdisciplinary volume features contributions from some of the world’s leading researchers, theorists and artists working in creative AI, generative art, music composition, visual art and performance. The book examines the relationship between humans’ creative practice and the widespread adoption and long-term impact of machine learning techniques. Exploring the current landscape in AI development of generative systems we will tackle important questions, including the current role of AI tools as content creators, and their potential as new artistic mediums, and the cultural and societal implications for AI. We will also tackle issues of use, acceptability, accessibility and ethics of current generative systems from the perspective of a truly interdisciplinary group of authors.  

New directions for, and models of, human-machine co-creation with state-of-the-art generative systems will also be proposed, focusing on novel interactions methodologies that enable meaningful human-machine collaborations. This will involve models that draw on the strengths and limitations of current interfaces (e.g. text_2_X) to propose new directions for interactions, models that are more coupled with the artists’ unique awareness of what is being created, as well as models to make these technologies more accessible to people with different skills and abilities. 

We foresee the book will make a significant contribution in understanding implications of emerging AI technologies for human art and culture, and in proposing new directions of interaction that strive to maintain the uniqueness, authenticity and value of human artistic expression.

Topics of Interest (to be developed further at the workshop):

  • The current landscape for co-creation with AI
  • At the interface: Exploring the way we interact and collaborate with AI
  • Acceptability: what constitutes an acceptable practice when working with AI
  • Accessibility: how can we make AI co-creation more accessible?
  • Ethical issues